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I've been shooting pictures as long as I can remember. When I was around 10, my family closed up an old store that had been in the family. When they cleaned out the attic of the building, there was all sorts of cool new "toys". One of those "toys" was an old-fashioned top view camera. I think there was a bellows-type camera as well, but that memory is just a bit foggy. I carried that top-view camera with me whereever I went, even though there was no film in it. As I grew up, around 17 I started taking landscape photos. I still remember the first sunset that inspired me to take photos. Being a photographer was always one of my "fantasy" jobs, but knew that, being unwilling to be a starving artist, I had to have a fall-back. Computers have always been my passion, and photography my creative outlet.

With the birth of my son a new reason for photography was born as well. I have tons of photos tucked into boxes (well, most of them) that document his journey from a baby to a man. They document my journey as a photographer too.

I really wished that I had been as loyal to photography as it has to me. It's always been there when I need a boost. A couple of years ago I was feeling a little overly lonely and bored and decided that I should attend some sort of group where the people shared a similar interest. I really didn't want to spend any more time talking shop about computers, so I turned to my creative love. There was no camera club in my area, so I decided to start one. With the challenge of attending a photography group, I began to search out more and more information on taking really great photos. Using trial and error, I've learned so much over the last two years and will continue experimenting with new styles and new technologies.


Latest Projects

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Clark Gardens in February

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